Well, till now we have seen many post which rotates around the Software Testing topics. While learning What is software testing? Why we do software testing? We have seen Software testing is a process which help to verify the product under development against the requirement. But if the software does not behave according to the requirement then that could be consider as a defect. I am saying that incident can be considered as Defect, but every incident could not be considered as a defect. If the Software does not meet the user expectation and there is a deviation in the application and requirement then it would be consider as a defect.

Objective of testing:

  • Finding Defects within the product under development
  • Gaining confidence about the quality of product
  • Outcome statistic of testing activity can be considered for decision-making
  • Preventing defect

We can see entire testing process runs around Defect. So defect management becomes very much important. Software testing professional are not only responsible for identifying the defects, he or she is responsible for tracking that defect till the fix of that defect. So, in order to track the defect from different release, different modules, identified in a different testing process industry have its own Defect tracking process called as a Defect Life Cycle.

  • Defect Report
  • Defect Flow
  • Defect Status
  • Defect Severity
  • Defect Priority