Automation in Software Testing

Automation in Software Testing?

t’s good you have completed all our posts of Manual Testing till now. Here onwards I will try to cover some post about Automation. I know, many of you have opted Manual testing as a career, just because of you don’t like coding. Even I am not different. I started my career as the manual testing professional just because of my disliking about the coding. But, believe me, guys, if you don’t give a try to coding and automation you are closing your door of success. I am not saying that manual tester don’t have growth, but same time it is well-known fact that it has less growth than automation tester. So if you have started or you are planning to start your career in manual testing. Please make sure you are simultaneously learning some coding language.

Now let’s move to our relevant topic.

Why Automation?

Till now you have understood the complete manual testing process. You can think now, it becomes quite difficult to manage the manual testing activity for the complex and bigger project. If we follow the manual testing process, for small projects then it works in the best possible way. But if you are dealing with the huge project then you may face following disadvantages.

  • It requires skilled tester in every release.
  • The cost factor is huge in the manual testing process.
  • Degrade the quality of test strategy
  • Efforts are huge for test case creation and maintenance
  • Delay in schedule

On the other side, Test Automation of the testing process is able to improve the testing process in many ways. Everyone agree that automation required a lot of efforts but if we are talking about the bigger project then it pays off.

Automation is the perfect balance between the effort and Value

Automation script development may take time in initial days, but it can help you to run test cases fast and frequently. Ultimately it becomes cost effective testing process over the period of time. Especially when the product maintenance life is big. In agile, we need to react super fast to change the requirement, here automation can be a good support to the testing team.

Optimization of Speed, quality and efficiency of Testing Process.

In today’s competitive world, we need to have a timely release with a quality product. Here test automation can help you for more frequent releases of with quality and efficient execution.

Automation Help to Increase the Coverage of Testing.

Test cases with lengthy steps can miss some important thing while executing manually. As in regression testing, same test cases executed every time, this reduces the effectiveness of manual tester. On the other side, automation testing can perform this task in the same effective way every time we execute it.