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Software Testing

First of all I would like to clear the perception people create about the testing. Software testing is the process and not the technology. If we talk about testing term, it is the process which tests the under test product against its specifications.

Now we are saying the product, means it could be any software product or any other tangible products. Testing needs to happen before delivering the product to end user. Now think about the product which is under test is some kind of software, then the process you will adopt to validate that software against the specification is called software testing.

In other words, we can say Software Testing is a process of executing the developed software application with the intention of finding the deviation from specification.

Let’s nail down Software testing in two different approaches  for better understanding.

The software is doing what it is supposed to do (Mention in specifications).

If you have details specifications with you and you are checking the software by using it, means you are checking whether software is doing what it is supposed to do. If the software is not doing as per the things mentioned in the specification, then we could considered this deviation as a defect.

Software is doing what it is not supposed to do (Usually not mentioned in specifications)

It is not practically possible to mention each and every things / scenario in specifications, details specification is just theory term. You must be thinking if things are not mentioned in the specification then how we can test the software? Here you will use you common sense and knowledge about the product and experience in the domain to validate the software product. You can challenge the product without specification. But off course it’s a client’s decision whether to accept this challenge or reject the challenge.

I hope you have understood the What is Software Testing?

If not please drop me comments I will try to explain it in the more friendly way. If yes then please read my next topic “ Why Software Testing? “ and take a next step in Software Testing Learning.

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