Why Testing is important?

Why do we need testing?

I guess the question is quite straight forward.

What do you think?

Is testing necessary?

Can’t we buy the product without testing it?

The answer is Big NO. We don’t buy anything without testing it.

Let me explain you the importance of testing with a few examples.

  1. People buy the expensive car, but before making a final decision they take a test ride.
  2. When we buy clothes, but before making the final decision we try it once.
  3. Sometimes we do test the dish before ordering it.
  4. Before buying the sound system, you hear it.

So, ultimately knowingly / unknowingly you are testing the product. And why we are testing products? Just to verify whether the product under test satisfies your requirement or not.

Why Testing is Necessary?

Because we are the human being and we are bound to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes many not impact he functionality of a product, but some may create extremely dangerous and expensive too. Or sometimes, it may result from loss of life. It is best practice to test everything and anything we develop. Because, as I said, we are human and bound to make mistakes.

Why Mistakes Happens?

Now let’s discuss why this mistake takes places, the reason could be wrong assumptions, unclear requirement, time pressure, lack of technical knowledge, etc. So the reason of for making a mistake is countless, that’s why testing the developed software becomes important.

Advantages of Testing:

  • It verifies the reliability of software and whether it is satisfying the customer requirements are not.
  • Quality is again the most important factor.
  • Delivering the quality product help to gain the customers confidence.
  • Testing also helps to verify the effective performance of the developed software product.
  • Testing gives confidence to the developer and clients that software working without any issues and problems.
  • Finally, most importantly, It’s mandatory to stay in the competition.