So, finally you have started preparing ISTQB Advance Test Analyst exam. I assume you have gone through the foundation exam and cleared it. If not, then you must have landed on this page by mistake. Soon I am in planning to write for Foundation level (ISTQB Exam Levels ) as well. The reason behind writing directly for Advance and skipping foundation exam is, during my foundation exam preparation I have found lots of online material for foundation level. But, as I am preparing for Advance Test Analyst now, I am not getting the good stuff or enough stuff on the internet.

Coming to the point.

While preparing for ISTQB Advance Test Analyst exam, ISTQB forum expects that you have cleared he foundation level and you remember every bit of it. Although this may not be the case for every candidate. If you have appeared for Foundation level recently and remember what you have in the foundation then you can start reading the Advance level syllabus. If not, then I would suggest first go through the Foundation level syllabus and its content in very must detail. Once done with foundation level material you can start dealing with Advance.

In an advance exam, It is expected that you should go through syllabus first to understand the content. I suggest go through a content couple of time. Comparing to foundation level exam this exam will be more scenarios based. Here during an exam you may come across multiple scenarios and forum want test your decision-making power. ISTQB don’t want your practical answer. They are not interested in what you do in your real-time job. In our daily job what we do is somewhat meaningless in from of ISTQB forum. They expect the answer as per their process and guidelines.

By the way, it’s very important which book you are referring for an Advance exam. I haven’t gone through multiple books so I can’t tell you the comparison. But yes I am preparing from Rex Black and I can recommend same one to you.

Please keep visiting this blog for more material on ISTQB Advance Test Analyst Exam. Soon we will start with a technical discussion here.

Best of luck and keep studying.