Black box testing is the one of the method of testing the product under development against its specification. Black box testing also called as a behavioral testing or functional testing or specification based testing or closed box testing. In this testing method, we validate the application by using it and does not show any interest in the coding done for the development of the product. We are not interested to know the internal structure of the product or how it working, we are just interested in getting the correct output as mention in the specification. Black Box testing fall under functional and nonfunctional but mostly it is used in a functional way.

Black Box Testing Technique?

Types of defects found using Black Box Testing

  • Defects missed by white box testing can be found by black box testing
  • BBT can help to identify the missing functions within the system
  • Any usability issues can be observed during the BBT
  • Any performed issues can be found when we test the system against its capacity
  • Help to identify behavior of application when many users are using at same time
  • Validation issue can be found

Advantages of Black Box Testing

  • As compared to white box testing black box testing is more effective.
  • A testing team without knowledge of internal structure, logic implementation, and any programming languages can perform BBT.
  • Test team and development team are not dependent on each other
  • BBT perform by keeping user behavior in mind.
  • BBT help to find the gaps between implementation and specification
  • BBT planning and test cases design can be started as soon as testing team receives specification

Disadvantages of Black Box Testing

  • It can be used only if we have the limited number of input and output combination. It can’t be used for a large number of input / output combination.
  • Designing test cases for BBT would be quite difficult if the specification is not accurate and precise.
  • Chances of repetition of test cases are possible with the developer.
  • Testing each and every possible path is difficult or almost impossible.