In my previous post, I explained how to download SOAP UI tool on your windows machine. In this post, we will learn how to download Ready! API tool on your windows machine. Ready! API is the Aggregator of tools provided by the SmartBear agency for Web Services testing. Like SOAPUI NG is used for functional testing on Web Services, LOADUI NG is used for performance testing of web services, Secure is used for security testing of web services and the last one is ServiceV for mocking of web services. All these 4 different tools with different objectives can be used from the single tool and that is Ready! API.
So let’s start with the download of Ready! API

Step 1:
Search for the “Ready API download” in google and you will get Ready! API download center link on top. Click on that link.


Step 2:
You will land on Ready! API Download Center page, you will get the latest version number of Ready! API. Along with the version number, you can see what all tools are integrated into Ready! API tool. You will have to select an appropriate link based on your system, here I have selected “Windows Installer with 64 Bit”. As my system is Windows with 64 bit.


Step 3:
If your using chrome browser you can see following installation progress bar. Once it is completed you will get message download completed on the progress bar.


Step 4:
Right click on that bar and select Run. The installation process will start. You will get following progress bar with heading install4j Wizard. You don’t have to do anything at this step.


Step 5:
This step required your action as one popup will open with message “Welcome to the Ready! API Version No. setup wizard”. Click on Next.


Step 6:
The license agreement will appear, ready the complete agreement carefully and select the radio button for “I Accept the Agreement” and click next.

Step 7:
Select installation type as Full Installation and click next.


Step 8:
Again read the license agreement and select “I Accept the Agreement” option. Click Next.


Step 9:
The installation process will start for Ready! API along with the progress bar. Have a coffee until the time the installation process completes. Do not touch cancel button even by mistake. You will have to perform Ready! API Installation from the start.


Step 10:
One the Ready! API Installation process completes, you will get the screen with finish button and checked box for Run Ready! API Version No. Click on finish button.


Step 11:
The following popup will appear, nothing to worry about his pop up. The purpose of this message is to share your usage statistic to the SmartBear to improve the user experience in coming future.


Step 12:
Expected message. It warns about the license of the tool. Don’t worry about this message, we will be installing the trial version of Ready! API, trial version includes everything which you will expect in the tool. After using it for 15 days you can ask for paid version of it.

Step 13 :
Ready! API tool will open like this. I like the color combination they have used.


Step 14:
Manage license screen will appear, with two buttons Buy Pro and Start Pro Trial. Click on Start Pro Trial.
A popup screen will appear where you need to fill all requaired information.

Step 15:
Fill the required information, keep in mind don’t add junk data in it. It has to be valid information. SmartBear will send email activation link on your mail id. So be like smart user, you are already dealing with SmartBear 🙂


Step 16:
Check your inbox for the mail ID you have provided in the last step.


Once you click on activation link, you will get following screen.


Step 17:
Now see the License management screen, you will see the warning message for the remaining validity of the tool.



Once you finish Ready! API Trial Installation process, you will be able to use Ready! API for 15 days. So, I will suggest do use this 15 days period to understand the features and its usage of this tool. Later you can take decision for buying it or not.