Till now we have seen many post about testing and from that we can say testing is an integral part of any software development model. In order to perform effective testing, we need to create the Test Case. The effectiveness of testing is based on the way of test cases we have developed.
Few post back we have seen the 7 testing principles, out of which one principle talked about the test cases and that is Pesticide Paradox. According to this principle, the effectiveness of test cases goes on decreasing over the period of time. Any test cases remain very effective for few regressions and its effectiveness start degrading after some regressions. That is why we need to consider this thing while writing test cases. Each and every objective of the writing test cases provides the value to the customer, directly or indirectly. Each one of them helps to reduce the risk and increase the confidence within the stakeholders.
  • Structure of Test Case
  • Test Case Template Sample

7 Objective of Test Cases

Verify the requirement is fulfilled by the application.

Validate the applications meets the customer needs.

To increase the control flow coverage

To increase the logic flow coverage

To increase the data flow coverage

To simulate the user actual flow

Identifying the defects within the application.



Writing test cases which will remain the good for all the time required the practice of it. Sometimes we can say that test cases remain good for all the time as it can be used effectively in the maintenance project. On the other way, some test cases lose their effectiveness after some executions if the same test cases used in new feature development.